What is the Average Cost of Large Tree Removal in 2024

Average Cost of Large Tree Removal
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Have you ever pondered how much it would cost to say goodbye to such a gorgeous giant while you stood in your yard, staring up at a gigantic tree? But you are not alone. When assessing the average cost of large tree removal, homeowners sometimes find themselves in the shade of those very trees. In this essay, we’ll go into the details of the costs and difficulties involved in saying goodbye to a huge arboreal inhabitant.

Understanding the Average Cost of Large Tree Removal?

Before we get too technical, let’s define what a “large tree.” We are talking about those enormous, evergreen plants that have endured over ages. 

providing a home, protection, and even a touch of nostalgia. Large trees often have trunk diameters more than twelve inches and grow to heights of over thirty feet. Why is this still important today? The complexity of the tree’s removal will mostly depend on its size, and as you can assume, cost and difficulty are strongly correlated.

A Look at the Typical Cost of Removing Large Trees: Tree Size, Dimensions, and Price

Their size determines how hard they fall and how much it will cost to bring them down. When evaluating the cost of tree removal, the diameter and height of the tree are crucial factors. Expanding canopies on tall trees demand more work, tools, and knowledge.

Details by Species: Not All Trees Are Made Equal

Different species have different root systems, branching patterns, and densities of wood. Some trees are more challenging to remove due to their inherent characteristics. Hardwoods like hickory and oak, for instance, might need more maintenance than softwoods.

Location Logistics: Difficulties with Accessibility

Is your tree nestled away in the middle of your property, or is it tall and situated near to a power line or your neighbor’s fence? It is crucial to be reachable. Should the tree removal crew need to navigate tight spaces or around obstacles, the task may become more complicated and hence more expensive.

Diseased or Infested Trees: Health Risks

Unhealthy trees have two drawbacks. One possible risk is that, because of their weakness, they could fall more easily, which could be dangerous. On the other hand, eliminating a diseased tree necessitates cautious treatment in order to stop infections from spreading, which calls for specific knowledge and safety measures.

Trash Removal – The Post-Crash Cleaning

Tree removal involves more than simply taking down the tree; it also involves cleaning up the debris. It can take a lot of work to dispose of huge branches, trunk pieces, and foliage. The price of removal covers both the expense of felling the tree and the disposal of the leftover debris.

Issues with Permits: Documentation and Municipal Laws

Before you start the chainsaw, be sure you are not breaking any local regulations. Some areas require permits in order to remove large trees. Getting these approvals adds another layer of paperwork and potential costs, which drives up the overall cost of the removal procedure.

Average Cost Breakdown: Cost of Large Tree Removal

After discussing the variables affecting the price, let’s examine the figures. Please be aware that these numbers are estimates that may change depending on your location, the characteristics of the tree, and the tree removal service you select.

$300 to $1,500 for small to medium-sized tree removal (up to 30 feet)

The removal procedure is typically less complicated and time-consuming for smaller trees. The price range takes into account the kind of tree, the location, and any other services needed, including stump removal.

Removal of a Medium- to Large Tree (30 to 60 feet): $500 to $2,500

The complexity of the removal rises with the height. Larger trees typically require more sophisticated tools and knowledge, which drives up the price range.

Removal of Large Trees (60 feet and Up): $1,000 to $5,000+

Towering giants must be removed with specific knowledge, tools, and occasionally even cranes. Depending on the particulars of the tree and the degree of difficulties required, the cost for huge tree removal might vary dramatically.

Ways to Cut Cost on Expensive Large Tree Removal

Obtain Several Quotes and Compare Prices to Find the Best Offer

Never accept the first estimate you are given. Speak with many local tree removal companies to obtain a thorough grasp of the going pricing.  This not only assists you in locating the greatest offer but also enables you to evaluate the experience and dependability of several suppliers.

Think About Doing It Yourself for Little Trees, But Proceed With Caution

You could be tempted to attempt the removal yourself if the tree in question is not too big, you have some experience, and you have the tools you need. But always remember that safety comes first, and that for bigger or more complicated tasks, professional experience is important.

Combining Services to Save Money: Bundle and Save

Think about bundling services if you’re planning on doing more yard or landscape maintenance. Discounts are sometimes given by tree removal firms if you want to use them for more than one service, including debris removal or stump grinding.

Plan Your Tree Removal to Save During the Off-Season

The need for tree removal services varies from season to season. Consider scheduling the removal for the off-season, when demand is lower, if you can afford to wait. When demand is down, certain businesses might give discounts.

Insurance Insights: Verify Your Protection

Be sure to review your homeowner’s insurance policy before beginning any tree removal. If a tree is endangering your property, your insurance company might pay to have it removed. Make sure you comprehend the policy’s terms and conditions.


What variables affect the price of big tree removal?

A huge tree’s removal costs can vary depending on its size, species, location, health, how to dispose of the debris, and whether permits are needed. All these components add to the overall cost and difficulty of the removal procedure.

Can I remove a big tree on my own and save money?

While some people may be able to do it alone, trying to remove a large tree without the help of professionals or the necessary tools can be risky.

The first priority should always be safety. Expert tree removal services have the know-how and equipment needed to guarantee a risk-free and effective removal procedure.

Is it possible to lower the price of big tree removal?

There are a number of possible cost-cutting measures. Searching for ways to cut costs can involve getting several quotations, combining services, planning removal for the off-season, and verifying the coverage provided by your homeowner’s insurance. But one should never sacrifice service quality or safety.

Do I need permission to remove a big tree?

A permission may be needed in many places for the removal of huge trees. It is imperative that before beginning the removal procedure, you verify local laws and acquire any required licenses. Not adhering to the permit

prerequisites could lead to further costs and legal issues.

How can I tell whether a tree threatens my property?

A tree that may be dangerous can be identified by its dead or rotting limbs, leaning trunk, obvious base damage, and symptoms of disease or infestation. A licensed arborist can assist you determine the health of the tree and any potential hazards to your property if you’re not sure.


It’s important to consider the average cost of large tree removal as an essential outlay for the safety and well-being of your property and its occupants, even though it could seem like a significant investment.

Big trees can present serious concerns during storms or bad weather if they are not properly managed or taken down when needed. By comprehending the elements that affect the price and looking into methods to cut costs, you can approach tree removal more rationally. Always keep in mind that safety should come first.

If in doubt, it is best to seek advice from a qualified arborist or tree removal service. You will therefore be able to understand the next time you find yourself staring up at the leafy giants in your backyard. The outlay necessary to say goodbye to them. After all, protecting your family members and house is a really valuable undertaking.

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